Spring Gardening

We all want to have our gardens looking fantastic for the summer sun, and it this time of year we get out there to make those improvements.


Here at Moose Hall Chiropractic we wanted to give you some advice so you can stay active, healthy and get that glorious garden for the summer.


Many of us make the mistake of getting out in the garden and jumping straight in to it. Doing lots of heavy lifting, twisting and activity that our bodies are not used to. Then inevitably we get injuries, aches and pains as a result.


Our advice to you is simple.


Gently get moving before going into the garden so your body is able to endure the stress of gardening, a warm up to prepare your body.


Take regular breaks, some of our gardens have big jobs that need doing. Split this up into 15 minute chunks and have a well deserved 5 minute tea break between these.


Get help for the heavy lifting and big jobs. Don’t try to be a hero and get the job done by yourself and regret it after.


Follow this advice so you can stay active, healthy and enjoys the summer sun in your Garden.

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