Monthly Health Tip – Goals

At Moose Hall we are always working hard to help our patients reach their goals

Here is our guide to help your health goals become achievable


  • Set a SPECIFIC goal – try not to be clear on what you want to achieve “more exercise” is likely to be too vague, its best to think about why you want to exercise more. For example this could be to lose weight or just to help you have more energy.


  • MEASURABLE – make a goal measurable, this will be the only way to truly know you have reached it. It will also help you to realise if you have gone off track so that you can quickly get back to it! For example – “ I will exercise 3 times a week for an hour”


  • Be ACCOUNTABLE – Keep a record somewhere so you can always double check if you are sticking to things. Fitness trackers can really help with this but even writing down in a diary or notes on your phone will help.


  • Be REALISTIC – its great to have a goal that’s challenging but it will be so hard to keep motivated if it doesn’t seem achievable. For example with exercise set those realistic, measurable goals then anything extra you do is a bonus!


  • Keep to a TIME FRAME – this will help with motivation. Its often said that it takes around 30 days to create a habit. If you can realistically stick to working towards a goal for a set time it is much more likely to then become a positive lifestyle change.

See you next month for our next health tip 🙂

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