Keep Healthy Whilst Gardening

Its that time of year when we start to hear about gardening injuries. At Moose Hall Chiropractic we hear this regularly. It may be a bigger injury, a tweak from bending badly or aches and pains in the back, shoulder hands or knees the gardening season always sees an influx of this.

This months health tip is designed to help keep you fit, healthy and injury free whilst gardening.

1. Get things gently moving first Start with some a full range of motion of your back and neck before moving on to the bigger movements. Also do a good walk

2. Don’t spend too long in one position or do too much.

We hear it all the time that patients just want to get everything done when the weather lets them. Being in awkward positions were not used to puts extra strain on our joints and muscles. Too much repitition can also irritate our tendons around our joints. Try varying and alternating what you do.

A little and often is better than all at once.

3. Posture and lifting

If you need to lift something, keep everything aligned and straight- this may mean moving your feet rather than twisting your body. When lifting bend at your knees and hips and then straighten up.

If you need to kneel use a kneeling mat but also move your position regularly so you are not overreaching.

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