Aneta’s Story

As a Crossfit coach and a competitive athlete my main focus is on the quality of movement and health, which is what we have in common with Moose Hall Chiro. I have been incorporating pre-hab warm ups in my training for several years now but I found that my body works a lot more efficiently with regular chiropractic adjustments. This allows all the nerves fire properly and helps me get the most out of my training as well as stay injury free.


Working with Matt not only brought noticeable improvements in my movements but I also learnt a lot during my adjustments.

Katie’s Story

“I’ve been seeing Sam since 21 weeks of pregnancy after suffering terribly with pelvic pain. All I can say is thank goodness I was recommended Sam and chiropractic treatment as quite frankly, she’s created miracles! I was unable to walk freely or move without excruciating pain prior to my first visit. After a thorough consultation with Sam and a few adjustments, she had transformed how I was feeling. I’ve been seeing Sam on a weekly basis and each session has allowed me to leave feeling even more comfortable. Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy have meant that I can enjoy this special time again and run around after my daughter. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone experiencing pain during their pregnancy.”

Essa’s Story

Essa has had constant back pain for the last 12 years. Since seeing Matt at Moose Hall Chiropractic he has now pain free and has never felt better to enjoy his life with his children.

Flo’s Story

When Flo first came to Moose Hall she couldn’t walk far, she was very unsteady and her mood was often low. She wondered at her age if anything could help.Since being adjusted she’s walking everyday unaided, her balance is so much better and she’s even back Line dancing! And as you can see she’s looking happy. 

Tom Varndell’s Story

“Huge thank you to Moose Hall Chiropractic for getting me game-ready over the last few weeks. Clearing up my Back pain, helping to release tightness in my Hamstring’s, Calf’s’ and Achilles tendons. After only a few sessions with these guys, they have got my Back feeling great and ready to perform every weekend. They are an integral part of my preparation before, and recovery protocols after, a game. I highly recommend getting down to Moose Hall Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.”


Ben’s Story

Ben Worle   CrossFit coach and owner of Chew Valley CrossFit:   Over the past few years if you ask  most people they would say I am renowned for always being injured. This was the main reason for retiring from Rugby 3 years ago and taking up CrossFit.   Many people thought I was crazy […]

Alison’s Story

“I discovered the amazing Sam and have been visiting for several months. I absolutely love the sessions which have left me feeling ten foot taller (I wish!!). Much less pain and exercises to do at home. Its great to now understand the problem and the workings of the spine. Sam is brilliant—friendly, approachable and makes your back feel amazing. I would strongly recommend going and am just thankful that I discovered her and Moose Hall.”


Alfie’s Story

Alfie loves his adjustments with “the back doctor” he says the help keep him strong.

Louis’s Story

Louis is a keen Gym enthusiast  and had pain in his back when he first came to Moose Hall that was stopping him from training. Here is what Louis had to say “Without regular adjustments from Matt at Moose Hall I wouldn’t be able to perform my daily tasks, let alone my passion the gym. He has been a miracle worker and I have learnt that Chiropractic treatment is not just for pain but also regular treatments keep my body functioning at 100%.”

Emily’s Story


I have a chronic condition known as SI Joint dysfunction which means at times my pelvis will go badly out of alignment and my lower back comes out in sympathy, this combination reduces me to a shuffling mess which is extremely painful.


Having had chiropractic treatment for many years I appreciate the benefits it brings and it rapidly reduces my need for strong medication. My existing chiropractor had stepped down from practice to start a family and the hunt was in for a new local miracle worker who could help me.


I saw Samantha’s (Sam) advert relating to her new practice and an introductory offer, for a small fee I had nothing to lose and a chance to see if this would be the right person for me.


Sam spent time with me charting my history, finding about my day to day life and having a good examination of not only my back but legs/arms/neck, in fact pretty much everything. I went away feeling encouraged by the detail in which she checked me over and curious as to what the outcome would be. A few days later I returned for the outcome – Sam had identified key areas that were my nemesis and explained how she proposed they could be treated. She gave me a treatment on that appointment and from there on it was clear I had found my “miracle worker”.


I embarked on an intensive treatment plan as I was totally “wonky” (my words not hers!) and urgently needed to get myself more mobile, my condition can cause lack of sleep, ongoing pain and ultimately time off work which I was trying to avoid.


As the weeks went by I started to sleep better, I could sit and be pain free, I could return to cycling (albeit badly!!) and I was medication free. Sam has worked closely with a personal trainer I use to ensure I don’t injure myself and aggravate my condition.


I am now at the maintenance stage, somewhere I never I envisage back in March, I am one of those people who will always requires minor adjustments to keep me pain – once a month is all I now need, no meds, not off work, cycling (a little faster!) and now even trying to jog!

If you are struggling with back/hip/neck/shoulder pain try Sam, you might be surprised how quickly you feel much better and regain movement. Don’t be afraid, it really doesn’t hurt, give it a try!