Ben Worle


CrossFit coach and owner of Chew Valley CrossFit:


Over the past few years if you ask  most people they would say I am renowned for always being injured. This was the main reason for retiring from Rugby 3 years ago and taking up CrossFit.


Many people thought I was crazy but this season I decided to go back to rugby, and Matt has been a massive part of making sure this was possible. The demands I have placed on my body whilst staying injury free since the season kicked off in September I don’t think is a coincidence. Training daily at CrossFit Chew Valley plus committing to playing rugby each week has been challenging but worth it. 


Another reason that I feel Moose Hall will be part of my life moving forward is that since visiting Matt in Portishead I have not had a migraine. The sessions with Matt we have discussed all the factors that could trigger them alongside allowing him to adjust me. Great service and would recommend to friends, family and my members at the gym.