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Aneta’s Story

As a Crossfit coach and a competitive athlete my main focus is on the quality of movement and health, which is what we have in common with Moose Hall Chiro. I have been incorporating pre-hab warm ups in my training for several years now but I found that my body works a lot more efficiently […]

Spring Gardening

We all want to have our gardens looking fantastic for the summer sun, and it this time of year we get out there to make those improvements.   Here at Moose Hall Chiropractic we wanted to give you some advice so you can stay active, healthy and get that glorious garden for the summer.   […]

Keep Healthy Whilst Gardening

Its that time of year when we start to hear about gardening injuries. At Moose Hall Chiropractic we hear this regularly. It may be a bigger injury, a tweak from bending badly or aches and pains in the back, shoulder hands or knees the gardening season always sees an influx of this. This months health […]

Summer Body

This time of year we are all looking Dieting for the summer so we can loose some weight and get those summer bodies?   Realistically, who wants to Diet?   I don’t like Dieting, so I don’t!   My advice is to stop the Diet and make some small lasting changes and you will see […]

Healthy Eating

At Moose Hall we are always encouraging our patients to be more healthy and a big part of this is healthy eating.   Our body will only work at its best if we put the right things in to it – similar to fuel being put in a car. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be […]

Have you given up on your Goals already? 

Many of us set Goals at the beginning of the year, the beginning of the month or even week. How many of us actually stick to them?   Lots of people make the mistake of setting enormous challenges or Goals that are too big and therefore unachievable. We are only setting ourselves up to fail […]

Monthly Health Tip – Goals

At Moose Hall we are always working hard to help our patients reach their goals Here is our guide to help your health goals become achievable   Set a SPECIFIC goal – try not to be clear on what you want to achieve “more exercise” is likely to be too vague, its best to think […]

Katie’s Story

“I’ve been seeing Sam since 21 weeks of pregnancy after suffering terribly with pelvic pain. All I can say is thank goodness I was recommended Sam and chiropractic treatment as quite frankly, she’s created miracles! I was unable to walk freely or move without excruciating pain prior to my first visit. After a thorough consultation […]

Moose Hall’s Goals for 2018

January, the start of a new year and the time when we get back to our routine and set our goals for the coming year.   What is it that you want to achieve in 2018? Have you set your goals yet?   We want you all to live healthier and happier lives doing everything […]

Can drinking water give you more Energy?

Dehydration can leave you fatigued and drained with limited energy.   The more water you drink the more alert you will feel. When we are lacking enough water certain bodily functions cannot work at their best. As a result our bodies become more under strain and fatigued.    Mild dehydration is defined as around 1.5 […]