Summer Body

This time of year we are all looking Dieting for the summer so we can loose some weight and get those summer bodies?


Realistically, who wants to Diet?


I don’t like Dieting, so I don’t!


My advice is to stop the Diet and make some small lasting changes and you will see the real difference in your body and your health.


I make small consistent changes that I can stick to every week.


  1. Drinking more water, I always have a bottle with me so I can monitor how much I have had.
  2. Eat more Green vegetables, every day one of my meals will include these.
  3. Decrease the sugar content, remove or reduce foods that are high in sugar.
  4. Make things from scratch so you know what is in your food.
  5. Enjoy your food, make new and exiting things. I make one new meal a week or a variation of a meal so I am trying new things.


Get rid of the Diets that you may start and stop and may not stick to.


Start Eating healthy, follow the tips above for every day changes and make an huge improvement on your health.

Healthy Eating

At Moose Hall we are always encouraging our patients to be more healthy and a big part of this is healthy eating.


Our body will only work at its best if we put the right things in to it – similar to fuel being put in a car. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring and instead of associating food with dieting its much better for our well-being if we try to think about food as our fuel and what is going to help it work well.


  • EAT 5 A DAY fruit and veg – fruit and veg are a vital source of vitamins and minerals, there’s also evidence that this lowers the chances of heart disease and cancers


  • Eat some GOOD FATS – don’t be afraid of fats – you might instinctively turn away from fat if you are trying to be healthy. But the right fats contain vital omega oils that help our body to be its best – Avocado, Nuts, Olive oil, Oily fish are all great examples.


  • INCLUDE CARBOHYDRATES – again when people are trying to lose weight they will often cut out carbohydrates. However carbohydrates are a vital fuel, they are a vital source of energy. The best carbohydrates to eat are the less starchy so brown rice, quinoa, brown or seeded bread and pitta.


  • INCREASE YOUR FASTING WINDOW – having a longer time of not eating (a bigger window of time overnight between eating 12-14 hours) has been shown to have great health benefits. It changes levels of our gut bacteria and studies have shown decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity.


Implementing these four tips will improve your “healthy eating” the body can work better, have more energy and heal and repair better through good nutritional changes.