Can drinking water give you more Energy?

Dehydration can leave you fatigued and drained with limited energy.


The more water you drink the more alert you will feel. When we are lacking enough water certain bodily functions cannot work at their best. As a result our bodies become more under strain and fatigued. 


Mild dehydration is defined as around 1.5 percent loss of normal water volume in the body. Studies have shown even mild dehydration can alter mood and energy levels.


Most people think about drinking more water when they feel thirsty but by then it is always a bit late – our thirst sensation doesn’t usually kick in until we are 1-2% dehydrated. This is why it’s so important to keep drinking water at regular intervals through the day so we can help our body stay full of energy. 


Hydration and Exercise

We all know we should drink water and stay hydrated, but how hydrated are you?


There is no one size fits all with how much we should drink to stay hydrated as everyone is different in how much we sweat, depending on:


-Level of fitness

-Exercise intensity

-Body shape and size

-Weather conditions


What happens if we get dehydrated?


The body will start to raise our heart rate and then we will begin to fatigue. This will make the exercise seem harder and our performance level begins to decrease.


We want you to perform well with day to day tasks and get the best out of your body when exercising.


Therefore, how do we know how much to drink every day to stay hydrated?


Easy tips throughout the day ✅


-Clear urine throughout the day

-Drink water little and often throughout the day

-Avoid waiting until you feel thirsty

-Rehydrate during and after exercise


You can individualise your hydration regime to your match day to day requirements.


We always advice drinking water regularly, however, if you are performing high intensity exercise and depleting your electrolyte and carbohydrate levels then having fuel replacement drinks can be on benefit throughout the exercise so you can perform at your best.


Stay hydrated and stay healthy! ❤️

Essa’s Story

Essa has had constant back pain for the last 12 years. Since seeing Matt at Moose Hall Chiropractic he has now pain free and has never felt better to enjoy his life with his children.

Flo’s Story

When Flo first came to Moose Hall she couldn’t walk far, she was very unsteady and her mood was often low. She wondered at her age if anything could help.Since being adjusted she’s walking everyday unaided, her balance is so much better and she’s even back Line dancing! And as you can see she’s looking happy. 

Tom Varndell’s Story

“Huge thank you to Moose Hall Chiropractic for getting me game-ready over the last few weeks. Clearing up my Back pain, helping to release tightness in my Hamstring’s, Calf’s’ and Achilles tendons. After only a few sessions with these guys, they have got my Back feeling great and ready to perform every weekend. They are an integral part of my preparation before, and recovery protocols after, a game. I highly recommend getting down to Moose Hall Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.”


Hydration and Recovery 

Our body is made up of 2/3 water which shows how important it is to our lives and everyday processes that happen in the body. In particular Hydration plays a crucial role in the recovery process throughout our body.


Whether this is a large injury, or small micro-trauma, these take place in our body every day, especially if we are exercising.


To recover and rebuild from these traumas of life, our bodies have to synthesise new protein which is the building blocks of recovery. This process requires water for protein synthesis and to repair the damaged cells and tissues.


If we are hydrated this speeds up the recovery from trauma and decreases the length of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), the soreness you get after exercising.


However if we are dehydrated this will increase the length of time suffering with DOMS and decrease the recovery rates. Therefore we can’t exercise as well and increased the chance of injury as the body can’t function as it should.


Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy ❤️

Ben’s Story

Ben Worle   CrossFit coach and owner of Chew Valley CrossFit:   Over the past few years if you ask  most people they would say I am renowned for always being injured. This was the main reason for retiring from Rugby 3 years ago and taking up CrossFit.   Many people thought I was crazy […]

CrossFit and Chiropractic

CrossFit is one of the most up and coming sports in the UK and around the world in recent years. Many people love the sport as it pushes your bodies abilities and mental strength to the limits. It involves constantly varied functional movements all performed at high intensity including weightlifting, aerobics and gymnastics. 


When CrossFit athletes are pushing their body through different work outs they need to be functioning well and stable throughout the complex movements required. If they are not they may fall into poor postures and ‘bad form’ especially when fatiguing and this could lead to injury. 


In all sports injuries are a problem and CrossFit has it’s fair share with back pain being one of the most prevalent in the sport.  


Chiropractors specialise in Spinal and Nervous system function. This is increasing strength and stability to ensure that our bodies are functioning in the right ways to create optimal bio-mechanics and posture


This is where Chiropractic and CrossFit comes together. Chiropractors get the whole body functioning at its best through spinal manipulation, movement and posture analysis. This means that our clients are able to perform high intensity tasks with good form and good posture which helps reduces the chance of injury and increases performance


Chiropractors can help with a variety of injuries once they have occurred and get you back doing the sports you love. Why wait until and injury has occurred to get checked, get your body functioning at its best and get the most out of your training.


Chiropractic can help with all sports so if you want to improve your performance  then please get in contact and call us on 01275 409949 or email us on to book your consultation today. 


Our CrossFit Clients testimonials:


Ben Worle


CrossFit coach and owner of Chew Valley CrossFit:


Over the past few years if you ask  most people they would say I am renowned for always being injured. This was the main reason for retiring from Rugby 3 years ago and taking up CrossFit.


Many people thought I was crazy but this season I decided to go back to rugby, and Matt has been a massive part of making sure this was possible. The demands I have placed on my body whilst staying injury free since the season kicked off in September I don’t think is a coincidence. Training daily at CrossFit Chew Valley plus committing to playing rugby each week has been challenging but worth it. 


Another reason that I feel Moose Hall will be part of my life moving forward is that since visiting Matt in Portishead I have not had a migraine. The sessions with Matt we have discussed all the factors that could trigger them alongside allowing him to adjust me. Great service and would recommend to friends, family and my members at the gym.