Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is approaching the challenges life can throw at us with a positive attitude, it can help you approach a problem with the attitude “how can I make the best of it?”


Positive thinking can help you to be healthier and help you have a better life.


There have been links between negative thoughts and increased pain sensations, pain may bring negative thoughts but unfortunately negative thinking can make the pain worse. We often notice patients with a positive approach recovering quicker and getting back to what they want to do more successfully.


Health benefits of positive thinking may include:

  • Lower depression rates
  • Increased life span
  • Better coping with stress
  • Greater resistance to colds
  • Better cardiovascular health


The main theory for why the positive thinking has these effects is that positive thinkers are more likely to cope better with stressful situations so therefore reduce the harmful effects of stress on the body.


“ Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success


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Healthy Breathing 

Breathing is vital for our health it give us our supply of oxygen which is needed for our bodies to
thrive. This is all obvious right?
Can breathing be more beneficial for our mental health?
Slow deep breaths allow us to slow our heart rate and relax. We all live busy lives running around
with work or keeping up with our family’s and friends. Do you take time for your self, to concentrate
on you?
If we spent 5 minutes every day to sit and breath and process our thoughts we would be more
productive with our tasks and brighter in our moods.
Do you want to be happy?
Tip: Spend 5 minutes a day taking slow deep breaths and think of 3 positive things that have put a smile your face that day.

Alison’s Story

“I discovered the amazing Sam and have been visiting for several months. I absolutely love the sessions which have left me feeling ten foot taller (I wish!!). Much less pain and exercises to do at home. Its great to now understand the problem and the workings of the spine. Sam is brilliant—friendly, approachable and makes your back feel amazing. I would strongly recommend going and am just thankful that I discovered her and Moose Hall.”


How well do you Sleep?

How well do you sleep?


Sleep is when our body has time to rest and recover from the days activities so we are fully fit to go again the next day.


It’s important to have a normal routine with our sleeping patterns and having enough sleep each night. If we don’t we can wake up fatigued, agitated and not perform at our best in our hobbies and at work.


It is an important time for us not only to rest our bodies but also to rest our minds and have some down time. They need time to rest and recover too.


Sleep is an important part of the healing system within the body, if we want to function well sleeping patterns are key for getting us up at at them every day.


How do you cope with Stress?


We all suffer from stress in our lives to varying degrees, but how does stress effect the body?

Stress effects our bodies ability to function as it should and stops us performing as well as we can. It does this

through in 3 ways: Physical stress, Emotional stress and Chemical stress. This puts increased demand on our body, the nervous system and changes tension patterns throughout our bodies.




-Physical stress

These are the things we do to our bodies physically; macro-trauma, repetitive micro-trauma, daily activities. If we injure ourselves this puts pressure on the body to heal. This can cause us to tighten up and decrease our bodies ability to function at its best.


-Emotional stress


These are the feelings and thoughts we have, that can cause our nervous system to go into a fight or flight response when stressed. We were not designed to exist like this for a long period of time. When we are very stressed from work, or very down or angry because of a negative event. This puts added pressure on the body and can cause tension patterns to increase.


-Chemical stress


This is everything that we put into our bodies; food, drinks, medication, tobacco etc. Our organs and body systems have to work harder to deal with these if they are unhealthy toxins and puts

increased pressure on the body to process them. Hence why we get hangovers or sugar lows, this is the bodies way of detoxing.


These 3 stressors have an impact on how well our body can function.


Top Tips:

  1. Take regular breaks to reduce prolonged physical stress building up.
  2. Take time every day for your self to allow you to relax, we are all very busy but taking time for yourself is vitally important.
  3. Have a balanced natural diet to avoid build up of toxins in the body.