Have you ever thought about your posture or what other people think of your posture?

It’s time to look in the mirror and asses your own posture. We all have bad habits with our posture but here are 3 steps to identify and help improve your posture and your health.


  1. Identify and asses your own posture


Observe your own posture for one day and write down all the poor habits you may have acquired.

This could be lent over playing on your phone, tablet or laptop. The way you sit on the sofa, at work or in the car. The way we lift, move or function every day. Once you recognise your poor postural habits and have them written down, you can now address them.

  1. Ask others to assist


We all forget things from time to time, so ask others around you to remind you and to help you with this. This could be when at home, work or socialising. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues to give you that reinforcement you need. If you slip back to old habits, they will help to keep you on track.


  1. Asses and be aware of your environment


Be observant to your environment and make changes to your car seat, work/desk set up and your home life. It is important to know your own limits, don’t make the mistake of taking short cuts or trying to do too much. We all have some repetition in our jobs, hobbies or lives and if this is repetitively poor postural habits, you need to break the cycle.


Working hard on these 3 simple steps will start our mission to improve your posture. We will give you the tools you need over three weeks. Next week we will have action steps to help you implement these changes at work and at home.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractors goals are to get the body functioning at its optimum. We use small adjustments made to enhance the movements in the the spine to ensure that we are moving correctly. This restores optimal function of the spine and nervous system, as all 32 pairs of nerves come out of the spine. This enables what they supply and receive sensation from; the muscles, joints, organs and the whole body. Chiropractic adjustments help the body function at its best.

The body can then maximise healing, regulating and maintaining it’s self optimally. This is because the chiropractic adjustment increases the function of the nervous system so it can perform at its greatest. The body can also now tolerate more stress before failure. The chiropractic adjustments increase the bodies ability to adapt to the environment and has a greater range before failure occurs, an injury or the last thing we feel, the symptoms of an injury. As we are functioning at our best and the body can deal with those better.

This allows us to do all the things that we love for the rest of our lives, with out having any adverse effects and creates healthier and happier lives.

Emily’s Story


I have a chronic condition known as SI Joint dysfunction which means at times my pelvis will go badly out of alignment and my lower back comes out in sympathy, this combination reduces me to a shuffling mess which is extremely painful.


Having had chiropractic treatment for many years I appreciate the benefits it brings and it rapidly reduces my need for strong medication. My existing chiropractor had stepped down from practice to start a family and the hunt was in for a new local miracle worker who could help me.


I saw Samantha’s (Sam) advert relating to her new practice and an introductory offer, for a small fee I had nothing to lose and a chance to see if this would be the right person for me.


Sam spent time with me charting my history, finding about my day to day life and having a good examination of not only my back but legs/arms/neck, in fact pretty much everything. I went away feeling encouraged by the detail in which she checked me over and curious as to what the outcome would be. A few days later I returned for the outcome – Sam had identified key areas that were my nemesis and explained how she proposed they could be treated. She gave me a treatment on that appointment and from there on it was clear I had found my “miracle worker”.


I embarked on an intensive treatment plan as I was totally “wonky” (my words not hers!) and urgently needed to get myself more mobile, my condition can cause lack of sleep, ongoing pain and ultimately time off work which I was trying to avoid.


As the weeks went by I started to sleep better, I could sit and be pain free, I could return to cycling (albeit badly!!) and I was medication free. Sam has worked closely with a personal trainer I use to ensure I don’t injure myself and aggravate my condition.


I am now at the maintenance stage, somewhere I never I envisage back in March, I am one of those people who will always requires minor adjustments to keep me pain – once a month is all I now need, no meds, not off work, cycling (a little faster!) and now even trying to jog!

If you are struggling with back/hip/neck/shoulder pain try Sam, you might be surprised how quickly you feel much better and regain movement. Don’t be afraid, it really doesn’t hurt, give it a try!

Chiropractic Philosophy

We as humans have evolved over time and are now extremely advanced beings. Our nervous system can process over 10 million things at a time, in comparison we can only process 7-10 things at once. Men probably less than women when it comes to multi-tasking.

We have evolved to improve our health and sustain life. With these developments, we now know 3 truths of the body:


  1. Our bodies have the ability to heal, if we cut our hand our body heals that cut.
  2. Our bodies have the ability to maintain themselves, if we are too hot or too cold our bodies sweat or shiver to help maintain our temperature.
  3. Our bodies have the ability to regenerate, we are constantly regenerating new cells to replace the older cells of the body, such as our skin cells.


We do all this all the time, without telling the body to do so and the controller of all this and the body is the nervous system. The nervous system constantly tells the body what to do, what is going on in our surroundings and allows us to live our lives to the full.


Chiropractic optimises the spine and nervous system so you can function at your best, to get the most out of your life.